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Behavior Programs

  • Is your dog having a hard time? Are you?
    We help you live happier, less stressful lives. 

  • Learn how to understand your dog and help them feel their best with kind, science-backed methods that work.

  • Feel confident helping your dog with:

    • Aggression

    • Barking and lunging on leash

    • Separation Anxiety

    • Fearfulness​

    • and more

  • Get smart, professional guidance! Animal Insight is owned and led by a consultant with a Master's degree in Clinical Animal Behavior.

How it Works

Man on phone with dog.jpg


We have a Discovery Call to answer your questions and choose the best plan for your dog. (Sometimes we'll schedule a Behavior Consult Call if needed!)



We meet in your home or virtually and coach you through the knowledge and skills you need to help your dog. 

dachshund Heel.jpg


We train together toward your goals! Most programs are 4 - 6 sessions long. We're here for support after you've graduated, too!

Check out Chance's progress
with his program!

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