Behavior Consults

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Help for the Tough Stuff

  • Is your dog having a hard time? Are you?  Behavior problems can add extra stress to everyday life.

  • I help you live happier, less stressful lives.

  • Feel confident helping your dog with:

    • Aggression

    • Barking and lunging on leash

    • Separation Anxiety

    • Fearfulness​

    • and more

  • Get professional guidance from a behaviorist with a Master's degree in Clinical Animal Behavior.

How it Works

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We have a short phone call to answer your questions, get to know each other, and schedule your dog's sessions.



We meet in your home and put together a plan for your dog. I help you choose the most effective steps for your family.

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We train together toward your goals! And I'm here for support between each session.

Concerned about COVID? Me too!