Puppy Training

The Best Start for
Your Best Friend

  • Imagine the best version of your puppy.

    • He listens, even in distractions​

    • He's a joy to bring with your family to your favorite places

    • He is confident, comfortable, and happy!

  • Feel confident helping your pup with:

    • Jumping and barking

    • Housetraining

    • Crate training

    • Play biting​

  • Bring Training Camp right to your home!
    Liz can train your puppy for you. Day Training gives you:

    • Faster, easier results

    • A potty break when nobody is home (Skip the dog walker!)

    • A satisfied puppy after each session


How it Works


We have a short phone call (or email) to answer your questions and schedule your first session.


We meet in your home and put together a plan just for your puppy. You choose if you'll do all the training or if you'd like faster results from Day Training.


We have fun training together toward your goals! I'm here to help you between each session. 



What Every Puppy Needs!
  • Learn to confidently train your puppy!

  • For a puppy who can sit, down, stay, come, and walk nicely on a leash

  • Learn the best ways to socialize

  • Manners games for a polite pup who doesn't play bite or jump all over people

  • Housetraining help

  • Awesome vet visits! Help your pup develop a lifelong love of the vet

6 Sessions
(First is 90 min.)


Prep School

Pro Training for Pro Results
  • Have Liz train your puppy in your home for faster, easier results. (Potty breaks included!)

  • Everything included in Puppy Primary, PLUS...

  • Prevent common behavior problems with easy games

  • Go to Spot  (Great for restaurants and preventing begging at home.)

  • 8 Day Training Sessions with Liz, for pro-level training and a potty break.

12 Sessions
(First is 90 min.)



Maximize Your Pup's Potential
  • Everything included in Primary AND Prep School, PLUS:

  • Your puppy learns to listen in public.

  • Nail trim training for easier, happier trims for life!

  • Have fun with trick training!

  • 12 Day Training Sessions with Liz, for pro-level training and a potty break.

18 Sessions
(First is 90 min.)