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In-Home Training

Beginning January 2023, our Manners and Obedience Training programs will be limited as we transition to full-time Behavior Programs for dogs with leash reactivity, anxiety, and aggression.

Aggression, anxieties, lunging at dogs on leash? Go to...

  • Looking for help with a puppy or newly adopted dog? Need to brush up on some training?

  • We focus on practical behaviors that you and your dog use in everyday life.

  • We help you learn more about who your dog is and how to help them be their best.

  • Our Training Programs can help with:

    • Come when called

    • Behaviors like Sit, Down, Stay, Place

    • Excessive barking

    • Pulling on leash

    • Listening in public

    • Trick training

    • and SO much more!

  • Get smart, professional guidance! Animal Insight is owned and led by a consultant with a Master's degree in Clinical Animal Behavior.

How it Works

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We have a Discovery Call to answer your questions and choose the best program for your dog.



We meet in your home or virtually and start training! We help you feel confident and build your training skills.



We have a session every 1-2 weeks. Most programs are 4 to 8 sessions long. We're here to support you after you've graduated, too! 

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