In-Home Training

Dog Training Tricks

Positively Professional 
Family Dog Training

  • Looking for great family dog obedience and manners? We can help you bring out the best in your unique pup!

  • Feel confident helping your dog with:

    • Obedience

    • Jumping and barking

    • Listening in public

    • Pulling on leash

    • Trick training

    • and SO much more!

  • Feeling strapped for time? We can do some of the training for you. Day Training gives you:

    • Skilled, kind training from a trainer who knows your dog.

    • A mid-day potty and play break. It's like a dog walker and trainer in one!

Aggression, lunging on leash, anxiety? Head over to...

How it Works

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We have a short phone call to answer your questions and choose the best program for your dog.



We meet in your home and start training! I help you feel confident and build your training skills.



We have a session every 1-3 weeks. You'll get my handouts and videos to help you, along with phone and email support between sessions. 

Concerned about COVID? Me too!