Beginner Class

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Manners & more for

the real world!

  • Feel confident helping your dog with:

    • Better manners​

      • Less jumping, more sitting!

      • Less barking

    • Obedience

      • Come when called

      • Go to spot

      • Listen in distractions

      • Sit​ & down

      • Stay

      • Less pulling & more focus on walks!

    • Tricks!

      • A fantastic way to keep training fun and enrich your dog's life!​​

  • Animal Insight's Family Dog Class gives you professional-level support and knowledge. Class is $210 and includes 6 classes, the help of a highly qualified trainer, and our online Client Library with loads of helpful tips.

  • Classes are held Thursdays at 6:15 pm, at Page Point Pet Resort, in the Fitness Center. The next semester of Beginner Class starts June 2!

  • A great fit for dogs 14 weeks and over who feel comfortable around other dogs and people. (Does your dog react to dogs or people with lots of barking or lunging? Check out our in-home sessions!)

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The next semester of Beginner Class will begin Fall 2022! ​

Email Whitney to be notified when registration opens!