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What Happens During a Discovery Call?
  • We talk about your goals for your dog and make sure we're a good fit for your needs! 

  • We answer your questions about training with us and what kinds of solutions might work for your dog.

  • Based on your goals for your dog, we'll recommend one of our programs, which are between 4 and 8 sessions long. We recommend the minimum number of sessions we believe you'll need to reach your training goals with confidence! (You can always schedule more if needed, we want to make sure we get you off on the right foot!) If you're looking for help with leash reactivity, aggression, anxiety, fears, or other behavior problems, we'll usually recommend a Phone Consult as the next step.

  • If you decide to sign up, we'll also get your dog's sessions on the calendar! (This helps you get the best times and days for you, without a wait after you've started.)

Tell Me About Programs
  • Programs are generally between 3 and 8 sessions, and all include the in-home sessions, a Training Plan after each session, and phone and email support. You also receive our Animal Insight handouts (so you'll have the exact steps we reviewed), and often videos we've made.

  • We also take short video clips of what we do during our session with you so that you can refer to them or share them with a family/household member afterwards!

  • Sessions generally take place weekly or every other week, depending on what behaviors we are working on.

  • Sessions are 45 minutes to 1 hour long.

  • Sessions are available Monday to Friday during the day. Sessions start at 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, and 4 pm.

  • You can also have sessions at a park, dog-friendly store or restaurant, or other dog-friendly location. We're happy to train wherever you need your dog to be able to respond to you!

  • Once you've completed a program, you always have the option of adding additional session(s). We're always here for email support, too! 


What Kind of Training Methods Do You Use?
  • We are positive/LIMA trainers. This means that we focus on positive reinforcement as our primary means of teaching and behavior modification. We strive to use the most effective and most humane methods for you and your dog's individual needs. (And we're shame-free, no matter what you've tried in the past, it's okay! We know you're doing your best for your dog!)

  • You can read more about our training methods here. :)


Can I book just one session?
  • We book programs to help ensure our clients meet their goals in a timely manner. If we believe you can meet your goals with one session of training, we'll let you know!

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