Health & Safety Steps


We have the best clients, and we want to keep you all safe! We continue to review research and consult with professional peers to keep everyone as safe as possible. Here's what we're currently doing:

  • Wearing face masks during all sessions

  • Socially distancing during sessions

  • Sanitizing our hands and equipment between sessions

  • If any team member or household member has a possible COVID exposure, they will only resume in-home sessions when they are cleared as healthy and negative. (And they'll reschedule with you promptly.)

How You Can Help

Here's what we need you to do to help everyone stay healthy:

  • Wear a face covering and socially distance during all sessions.

  • If anyone in your home is sick, reschedule your dog's session. There is never a fee for this.

  • If anyone in your home has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID, they need to have a negative COVID test at least 5 days post-exposure. If you have a session during this time, let your trainer know and together decide if you'll have a Zoom session or reschedule.

  • If anyone in your home tests positive for COVID, we can move to online sessions or wait one month from recovery to resume in-person sessions.

    We will update you (and this page) as requirements change. Here's to good health and happy training!