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How We Train

Our Goals For You
  • More joy, less stress! We want this for all of our clients and their dogs.

  • To give you the skills and confidence you need to reach your goals.

  • To bring out the best in your dog. Every dog is different, and has different potential. We want to help you find the best in your unique pup!

Training Methods Used


  • We want the best for our clients and their pets! That's why we use positive/LIMA training.


  • Positive reinforcement is our first choice of motivation for training and behavior change.
    We help your dog be their most successful by learning to work for rewards! This can include food, play, toys, freedom, greeting people, greeting dogs, and more.

  • Effectiveness and practicality are important, too! We work to come up with a plan that feels right for you and your family.

  • We avoid any painful or physical punishments. This can cause many behaviors to get worse. (See the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior's Position Statement on Humane Training ). An ever-increasing body of research suggests that punishment-based training has significantly more risks to the welfare of our dogs and is no more effective than properly applied positive training. (Plus, we believe training should be fun and build your bond with your dog!)


Skilled positive training builds your relationship with your dog!

Puppy in a down-stay at a store with people watching

Positive training helped this 10 week old puppy learn to down-stay with distractions!

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