We're Hiring!

Dog Trainer &
Behavior Consultant

Last updated 10/2/21

Are you a dog behavior geek? Do you love working with people?

Animal Insight is looking for an experienced dog trainer to provide in-home training and behavior help for our clients and their dogs.

Our goal is to provide clients, their dogs, and ourselves with more joy and less stress! We are as skilled in coaching humans as we are in training dogs. Our clients are generally warm, well-educated, and want to learn. (Seriously, we love our clients!)

The Dog Trainer’s role will include...
  • Providing professional-level private training sessions.

  • Traveling to clients' homes.

  • Appointment prep and post-appointment write ups for each session, with the aid of the Animal Insight Client Library.

  • Supporting clients between sessions via email and occasionally phone.

  • Teaching 1 or 2 group classes per week.

  • Assisting in filming videos for clients.

  • Making social media posts.

  • And other tasks that develop as the business continues to grow.

Our future team member should have...
  • Experience as a professional dog trainer. (We look forward to hiring trainers earlier in their journey in the future!) 

  • Outstanding communication skills with both clients and colleagues.

  • Effective teaching and coaching skills, both one-on-one and in small groups.

  • Dog training certification: CPDT-KA/KSA, KPA CPT, CTC, or similar. Further certification for behavior mod desired, but not required. (Would you call yourself a balanced trainer? Cool! If you're open to learning more positive methods, too, this could be a great opportunity.)

  • Desire and ability to take on behavior modification cases, including mild to moderate leash reactivity, fearfulness, resource guarding, and separation anxiety. (Additional support and training are available.)

  • Operant conditioning knowledge and physical skills. (Excellent verbal marker timing and reward placement skills don’t go unnoticed here!) 

  • Availability to work 4 days per week (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). Appointments occur primarily during the day, with up to two night sessions per week. Happy to learn about your schedule and see how we can make working with us most sustainable for you.

  • A willingness to learn new training games and techniques.

  • Ability to drive within Animal Insight’s service radius. (See the bottom of the page at https://www.animal-insight.com.) 

  • A dependable personal vehicle.

  • A stable home internet connection and personal computer.

Compensation, Hours, and Perks

  • Pay for in-home training and classes is per session. For well-qualified candidates, pay per session is $55.50. (This would average out to about $30/hour including travel and post-appointment write ups for an efficient person.) Pay per class is $45.00

  • You can expect to have 7 to 10 sessions per week, with up to 3 clients or classes per day. (Adjustable based on what's sustainable for you.)

  • Before being assigned to your own clients and classes, you’ll go through training for your role. This way, you’ll feel confident and skilled in using Animal Insight’s methods. (We’re always happy to learn from you, too!) Pay during human training is $22/hour.

  • Regular case reviews and support so you feel confident and prepared!

  • Fantastic working hours! Monday to Friday with flexibility around your schedule, no weekends, and mostly workday hours, with a maximum of two nights per week.

  • An annual stipend of $250 for approved continuing education courses or seminars.

  • Mileage reimbursement for miles driven between clients.

  • Supplies for in-home sessions and classes are provided for you: treats, toys, travel bag, bait bag, etc.

  • Opportunity for an employee profit share after 1 year of employment. (R+ for everyone!)

  • This is an employee position. 

About Animal Insight

We help clients train their dogs with more joy and less stress though expert-level, positive, science-based training. We specialize in family dog training. We have high standards of client care and training efficacy. We also aim to bring more joy and less stress to our own lives through sustainable work schedules and practices!


To Apply

If this sounds like something you’d love to learn more about, we’d love to hear from you! Here’s how to apply:

  1. Send your resume and (optionally) cover letter to
    Please include “Dog Trainer” in the subject line.

   2. Fill out and submit this questionnaire.