Phone Consults


Need a professional ear?

Feeling overwhelmed by the jumble of training advice online? Have just one or two behaviors you want some good advice on? Need to talk through a tough decision with a professional?

That's what our Phone Consults are for! These calls are 45 minutes of one-on-one time with us. We'll listen and give you our best advice for how you can help your dog or cat! 

Phone Consults are great for help with:

  • Puppy housetraining

  • New puppy or adopted dog questions

  • Advice on selecting a new pup or adopting an adult dog

  • How to introduce a new pet to the household

  • Cat litterbox problems

  • Deciding if daycare is right for your dog, or if he should continue it

  • What to do if your dog has started to show aggression, anxiety, or fear. (And what long-term solutions might look like.)

Phone consults offer helpful advice on things you can do in the short-term to help your dog or cat now. (They don't replace a full training program, if that's what your pet truly needs.)

Your phone consult includes the call, an email follow-up with the recommendations we made typed out for you, Animal Insight articles/videos, and email support afterwards. We want you to be successful! If your dog ends up needing a training program, half your phone consult payment is applied to their program with us.

Not sure if a phone consult is what you need? Email Liz to find out!

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