Phone Consults


The first step to a Behavior Program

Here's what we'll talk about in your Phone Consult:

  • Your dog's behaviors and your goals for them.

  • An example Training Plan for your dog. What kinds of training might you be doing? What kinds of management? What time commitment is involved?

  • Questions you have about training with us!

  • Our availability for in-home sessions. Sometimes we can see you within a week or two, though there may be up to a 6 to 8 week wait. We want to make sure you and your dog are supported from the start, which is why we also include...

  • Helpful advice on things you can do right away to decrease stress prior to your in-home sessions and keep everyone safe.

Your Phone Consult includes our call and an email follow-up afterwards. If you feel ready to sign up for a program, we'll get you started. (Or reserve a spot if you'd like to sleep on it :) ) If we're not a match for any reason, I'll also happily recommend other trainers we trust. We want you to get what you need for your dog!

Not sure if a Phone Consult is what you need? We're happy to help you figure that out! Sign up for a 20 minute Discovery Call or email Liz at

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