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Choose the Best Headcollar For Your Dog

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

If walking your dog sometimes feels like wrangling a wild stallion, a headcollar may be just the tool you need!

Headcollars (and the right training) can make walks much easier. But with so many options, which one is best for your dog? Here’s a review of my 3 favorite headcollars.

Comfort Trainer

This up-and-coming headcollar is one of my favorites because it's soft and easy to fit! Is it a good fit for your dog?

Zumi wearing a Comfort Trainer headcollar

Best for: Most dog nose and neck sizes. Can accommodate most Pit Bulls and mixes, Boxers, Rottweilers, English-style Labs, and lots of the Bully breeds!

Pros: One-size-fits-most nose piece! (Plenty of room to pant and play ball!) The neck strap stays in place, it fits most dogs, and they're reasonably priced.

Cons: The soft fabric is easier to chew through. Most of the medium to small sizes have a tiny plastic snap buckle that makes putting it on and taking it off a bit of a pain. (Not a good choice if you have arthritis or limited mobility in your hands.)

Find the Comfort Trainer on Amazon.

Gentle Leader

You've probably heard of this headcollar, and for good reason: it's the most popular one out there! But, it's not for every dog. Here's how to tell if it's for you and your pup.

Dalmatian wearing Gentle Leader

Best for: Dogs with Shepherd-style noses, ones that are medium to long relative to the size of the dog’s neck. (German Shepherds, Labs, Goldens, Standard Poodles, Huskies, Dobermans, etc.)

Pros: Easy to get, affordably priced, and a padded nose strap to reduce chafing on your dog's cute little snoot. Comes in lots of fun colors.

Cons: Rides up into many dogs' eyes, even when properly fit. (No fun for anyone!) The nose loop can prevent dogs from opening their mouths fully if not well-fit. The neck strap slowly loosens and needs to be re-tightened every few walks. Find the Gentle Leader on Amazon or at your favorite local pet supply store!


Hands-down my favorite headcollar! It's more of an investment, but I think this one blows the others out of the water. Here's why:

Best for: Most dog nose and neck sizes! (And the company will help you choose the best size for your dog.)

Pros: Soft yet durable material with cushy padding. The best design for maximum mouth comfort (Pant, play, and drink away!). Much less riding up in most dogs' eyes.

Cons: Currently only sold from the UK, and it's the most expensive.

Find the Dogmatic on the Dogmatic Website.

If you're a client and have more questions, just let me know!

Once you've chosen your headcollar, it's time to get your dog trained to wear it! Check out my video on how to help your dog love his headcollar.

Happy training!

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