• Liz MacHaffie

Food Bowling

Play outdoors for an extra challenge of sniffing for the treat in the grass!

This is a super-simple, fun game for your dog to play. It has many uses, including:

1. Giving your dog something fun to do when you don't have the option of moving a ton/using energy

2. As a predictable way for dogs to interact positively with guests as they build confidence around them.

How to Play

  • Grab a handful of treats or kibble!

  • Toss a treat at least a few feet to your left or right.

  • Once your dog eats it, call their name, say "Get it!" and then toss it the opposite direction. Dog should move parallel to the person throwing.

  • Repeat!

If your dog is a Big Feelings dog and is playing with a guest, make sure they have plenty of space to feel comfortable walking/running by the guest. Call your dog away if at any point they seem to be uncomfortable.

Play on flooring that is safe for your dog, too!

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