• Liz MacHaffie

Biting the Leash

Does your dog like to grab his leash while you're walking?

Dogs might put their mouths on the leash for many reasons: It is fun for them, they are really excited and putting their mouth on something makes them feel better, and/or they're frustrated and it makes them feel better. We spoke about a few ways to help reduce this.

  • Consider bringing a soft tug toy on walks with you. When you notice she feels like she needs to bite the leash, offer her the toy instead. Some dogs will be more engaged if the toy is "special" and not something they get to play with inside.

  • Some dogs prefer a ball or other object to hold onto. You could try this, too! If your dog really likes carrying a ball, I recommend the Fetch It! Brand Breathe Right Ball, especially in the summer. These have special holes in them that allow more air flow.

  • When your dog grabs her leash with her mouth, try to minimize how much “tug” she gets to play by moving toward her (when safe) and keeping the leash from getting taught.

For many young puppies, we can manage this until their maturity helps them decide leash-biting is not all that fun. For some dogs, the leash is still the most rewarding thing to grab! For these kiddos, you can consider a light, chain-link leash or another thin/unappealing material.

If things aren't going like you planned, let your trainer know so we can help you troubleshoot!

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