• Liz MacHaffie

Your First Session

We're looking forward to getting started! Here's what to expect for your dog's first session:

  • When your trainer arrives, they'll text or call you to let you know. (We try not to knock or ring doorbells.)

  • If your dog is fearful, aggressive, territorial, or is large and jumps on people, you **must** have them secured before we come in. They could be behind a gate, in a crate, in the yard, or in another room. Once we get settled, we can talk about the best way to have us meet. (We want to make them feel safe and keep ourselves safe, too!)

  • After we get to say hello, we'll sit down together and chat about your dog. We'll have more questions about them as well as reviewing what your goals are.

  • Next, we'll talk through a plan! Our goal is to create a plan that you feel happy with and confident in trying. If something doesn't sound sustainable, just let us know and we'll help you figure out a good alternative. (If we're working on a behavior challenge like anxiety, fearfulness, or aggression, we may spend most of our first session on these first two steps.)

  • Then, we'll start training! We'll go over the first pieces to your dog's plan. This might involve more discussion and/or we'll start demonstrating training games and coaching you as you practice with your dog. We'll help you to feel confident about what to do and how to do it!

After your session is done, we'll follow it up with an email of your Training Plan (within 3 business days). This has a simple summary of what we did as well as links to our Client Library articles and the videos we took during the session.

Between sessions, we're here for you! We encourage you to contact us any time you have questions. Email is the best way to be in touch with your trainer. (Aside from times where you suspect your trainer may be en route to your home, please don't text: we want to make sure we get back to you, and texts are easy to lose!) If there's more than a week between your sessions, your trainer will also send an update email asking how things are going, just in case :)

That's it! We look forward to starting our sessions together!

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